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We are always looking for new colleagues, who dream of working in an informal and familiar workplace, with good conditions and social cohesion. You can read more about your future workplace at Niels Ebbesen Logistics  below.

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    Our people are our most important resource

    Happy employees deliver great results. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create a workplace, where it’s fun and motivating to go to work. Development, flexibility and unity are some of the keywords at Niels Ebbesen Logistics.


    What we offer

    As an employee at Niels Ebbesen, you are guaranteed a pleasant and motivating workplace, that prioritises a healthy work-life balance.

    As our colleague, you get:

    • Freedom with responsibility
    • A friendly work environment with a family culture
    • Collective agreement with good pay


    We bring the world together

    Niels Ebbesen Logistics stands out with its strong focus on employee satisfaction, and social responsibility.

    All our colleagues speak either Danish or English, which is an advantage for a company that provides logistics services, to a number of countries in Europe. What makes it special, is that a large number of our colleagues comes from different countries, and we contribute to their professional and personal development, and take care of them like family.

    We are proud to have such dedicated members in our team, and appreciates them for their hard work and commitment to the development of our business.