About Niels Ebbesen Logistics

Niels Ebbesen Logistics is a logistics company founded in 2018, with a vision to make a difference in the industry.

Named after Danish freedom fighter Niels Ebbesen, the company reflects his fight for community and value creation in our daily work.

A dedicated transport company, with its heart in the right place

Our team consists of dedicated and passionate drivers, warehouse workers and logistics experts who are passionate about bringing the best solutions to our customers. We believe that our customers success is our success, and we work together closely to achieve common goals.

We’re not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to innovation. Our dedication to developing the most advanced and efficient logistics solutions has made us a leading player in the industry. At the same time, we have a strong commitment to sustainability and our business practices reflect this by reducing our environmental impact and supporting the green transition.

Our community-driven approach, innovative solutions and sustainable practices have made Niels Ebbesen Logistics a trusted and recognised transport company. So if you’re looking for a partner who will work with you, to achieve your goals and make a positive difference in the world,
Niels Ebbesen Logistics is the perfect choice.

 “A unity of people and machines”

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Total transport solutions you can rely on

Niels Ebbesen Logistics  is the perfect partner for all your transport needs in Denmark. With years of experience, Niels Ebbesen’s team of experts is highly trained and equipped to handle transportation and logistics projects of any size.

We understand that planning and executing efficient logistics operations can be a challenge, which is why Niels Ebbesen Logistics provides customers with a reliable, cost-effective and secure solution.


Dedicated to a great customer experience

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Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction safety and quality assurance.
In addition, Niels Ebbesen Logistics ensures that all transport services comply with the highest standards of professionalism and sustainability.  We are dedicated to delivering a reliable, efficient and costumer-centric experience to all our customers.


We bring the world together

Niels Ebbesen Logistics stands out with its strong focus on employee satisfaction and social responsibility.

All of our employees at Niels Ebbesen Logistics  speak either Danish or English, which is an advantage since our company provides logistics services to a number of countries in Europe.

Our team is highly motivated, experienced and offers the highest quality customer service. We are proud to have such dedicated members in our team and appreciates them for their hard work and commitment to the development of our business.

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Our values

You’ll find that our values are focused on being thorough, proactive and transparent. But what you might not yet know is that we focus at least as much on soft values and a healthy and pleasant working environment.